Amy Johns: ABCDT Certified Trainer and Mentor

Certified Dog Trainer and Mentor

Amy Johns is a Certified Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer (ABCDT) with a bachelor of Science in Human Resources. Having been trained to work with both dogs and people, Amy prefers working with dogs!

Amy Johns with her dogs

Amy Johns with her dogs

Amy works with all breeds and ages, and she offers numerous training techniques that works well with the needs of the dog and owner. Amy believes that even the worse behavioral problems can be changed with patience and the proper training techniques.

Amy McMahon: Lead Agility Trainer

Amy McMahon has worked with Canine behavior problems for yeaIMG_5580rs and is the Lead instructor for Agility training at DWDL.  Amy’s passion is working  with dogs and it is her honor to train people to better understand how to create balance and harmony with their own dog.  Her interest in dog training really started several years ago when her own Great Dane began having behavior issues.  Amy said this changed her life!  Amy is dedicated to the field and will be committed to you and your dog!

Puppy Socials

Puppies begin learning at birth, and their brains appear to be particularly responsive to learning and re-training experiences that are encountered during the optimal period from birth to 16 weeks. Early socialization is crucial to a puppy’s mental growth, teaching quiet, submissive behavior without fear when meeting new people and animals.

Training goal

  • Socialize dogs to objects, people, and other dogs in a safe and sanitized space.

Dog Requirements

  • Dogs must be least eight-weeks old to be registered.

Group Training

Training goals

  • Exposes your dog to new dogs, people, while being in a controlled training setting.
  • Learn basic commands: Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, Leave it, No, Down, and Off
  • Develop better listening skills, focus, and impulse control
  • Provides dog owners the realization that they aren’t alone with common behavior problems.

Dog Requirements

  • Available to dogs of all ages.
  • Dog cannot be aggressive with other dogs. (If the dog is dog-aggressive, one-on-one training might be necessary before group training is possible.)

One-on-One Training

We will work closely with you to customize a program best suited to you and your dog’s needs and then work with your dog in a one-on-one setting.

Just let us know what you–and your dog–need!

Training goal

  • Address identified problem
  • Achieve specific behavior goal

Dog Requirements

None: Any dog is welcome

Agility Training

Phase 1 (Beginners)

  • Must complete and pass Phase 1 Agility Training before moving on to Phase 2.

Phase 2 (Intermediate)

  • If you feel your dog is ready for Intermediate training an assessment will need to be done to participate.

Dog requirements

  • Must meet our vaccine requirements.
  • Any dog is welcome (unless there are some health concerns related to the level of activity required).

Board and Train

This is an extensive Three-week program that achieves results through daily, personalized, and professional training.  On-going training may be necessary depending on the dog’s training needs.  

Board & Train students enjoy all of the comforts of boarding (including free playtime).

Upon completion of the three-week course, you’ll receive a thorough written guide to follow and one-on-one training with the trainer.

Training Goals

  • Learn basic commands or specific training as needed, while enjoying the benefits of our boarding service.

Dog Requirements

  • Must meet our vaccine requirements
  • Any dog is welcome

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