Update on DWDL

9/06/2017 – We have been working hard on opening a facility that is very pet friendly, clean, and looks nice.  We started this project over a year ago with the Township supervisors and have continued to work on it every since.   We just finished up with the architecture finalizing the blue prints, but the inspector had a few changes, so we are back to the drawing board.

In order to keep the building straight with the road, we had to move our power lines.  The trench has been dug and we are waiting for the power company to move the lines.   Our excavating crew is coming the end of the month to dig out the area for the building and handicap walkway….very exciting!

The DWDL logo has been created and it has been uploaded on this site:)   I know my husband said NOT to start decorating until we are under-roof, but I couldn’t help purchasing a few pictures along the way.

I will be running a group training class Sunday afternoons – 2 p.m. -3 p.m. starting on 9/17 – 10/1 cancelled – 11/05/2017.  Registration will be on a first come basis.  Please call 228-229-0221 if you are interested.

Until next time…Amy


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